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Ubuntu is worth trying

I'm learning programming, and day in, day out I use my Macbook Pro along side my desktop Ubuntu without a hiccup. Of course, I already heard and experienced problems on Ubuntu, but the longer I play with it, the better performance it works.

There are many benefits that Ubuntu can give to you:

  • It's free. But still beautiful and powerful.
  • If you started with Ubuntu, shift to macOS will smooth as f##k.
  • Most of servers are installed with linux based, so it will save your time when you move to full stack development, dev ops jobs.
  • Ubuntu uses /, linux servers use /, macOS uses /, so you don't need to take your time debug that \ shit.
  • Major part of front end development resources is created for macOS, and it works out of the box on Ubuntu. e.g. nvm.
  • If you want to install a virus on Ubuntu, you must be a guru. If you want to remove a virus on Windows, you must be a guru.
  • Everything cool on Windows, you can find better version on macOS. If you can not find it on macOS, it's not cool. Start with Ubuntu, then move to mac.
  • You can play a lot of games on Steam in Ubuntu. Native. Not Wineshit. Even Dota 2, I've played Dota 2 smoothly on Ubuntu. Zero crashs. Zero lags. Max setting. Full 60 fps.
  • I love people who use Ubuntu.
  • And more more more that I can't list here.

For people who said Ubuntu is ugly, here are some images of my Ubuntu, with Adapta theme and some customizations.









So, give it a try, you will love it. I'm happy to help anyone if you have trouble with Ubuntu.

P/S: Oh, and why the list is not fair? I hate Windows, that's why dude. And if you can find some points that prove me wrong? F##k you and f##k your Windows too. He he he.