Story of Sang

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure”
– Colin Powell.

This quote is a summary of the life of a young man called Sang. Born in the poor family in Saigon, Vietnam. Although he was from a poor home, his father believed in the power of education. Despite their poor state, Sang's father managed to sponsor him to school. Sang was inspired by the study habit and invention skills of his dad even though he only had the 3rd grade.

Despite the challenges and problems Sang faced, he managed to get into the university in Vietnam. One day, he had a fight with his university teacher over communism theory, and this got him kicked even though he was right. After Sang had dropped out of the university, he joined a hip hop group which comprised of talented young guys. They performed some great shows together but very soon ran into debt.

Sang didn’t allow that deter his dream of being successful in life. One day, he attended a talk show about graphic design and this caught his fantasy. He decided to do a review of the talk show about graphic design on his blog, and this got the attention of Ta Minh Trai, the professor's assistant at the talk show. Sang switched over to learning graphic design with a burning zeal to succeed. Mr Trai took him in and taught him everything about graphic design. Sang worked with him for a year and six months even though the pay was not much, he had a passion to succeed.

Sang met his lovely wife Quyen, and they decided to get married. After marriage, Sang knew it was time to move into a new phase of life. He moved to Finland with her. While in Finland, Sang learnt Finnish quickly while polishing his English communication. Sang had the zeal to improve on his self, and this pushed him to work on his English.

Photo by Patrick Selin / Unsplash

Sang would always say, “there is huge knowledge out there, and I am going to be a part of it”. Today, Sang can study almost anything and also his writing has greatly improved than it was before. After a year in Finland, Sang and Quyen had their first child, and Sang also decided to start up a business. He had so many expectations from the business and he connected with a whole lot of business minded persons, but it failed.

The failed business affected the mindset of Sang but he believed that when one door closes then a bigger one is opening soon. Sang didn’t allow his business failure let him down. He quickly started working as a kitchen assistant so as to earn something. His job as a kitchen assistant changed his mindset about life. Sang now saves money for his new business idea while learning the leather craft as hobby and also reading books to boost his programming skills.

Never stop trying he will always say.